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What is MIX?

MIX Blockchain is a smart contract platform for decentralized content. It is fully public. It cannot be censored and no one can be prevented from participating. It is fully programmable at every level. It is a protocol for interconnected content apps that empower the individual.

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No one can be prevented from publishing.

Linked Data

All published content is machine readable providing flexible presentation and analysis.

Extensible content type system

New content types can be created that are backwards compatible.

No filter bubble lock-in

New smart contracts can be written to create new filter bubbles for existing content.

Separate Blockchain

MIX runs on its own clone of Ethereum, allowing the community to hard fork if necessary.

Open Source

All software is licensed with Apache 2.0


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MIX has a built-in 2000 day bootstrap mechanism to fund the project. Five years worth of mining is pre-allocated into a smart contract that gradually releases it over the 2000 days at an ever slowing rate.

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Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown


Jonathan was a participant in the Drupal web development community for ten years where he created the blockchain Drupal modules Coin Tools and Ethereum.

As he fosters the growth of the MIX development community, he endeavours to replicate the vibrancy of the Drupal development community.

Ethan Fisher

Ethan Fisher


Ethan is a designer who was trained in user centred design methods. He is funding travel through freelance design, taking on creative challenges from those he meets along the way.

His role with MIX is developing a visual identity and graphic media.

When not designing, Ethan is seeing new places and cultures, all the while writing, drawing and jotting down ideas.

Brian Heishman

Brian Heishman

Backend Developer

Brian is a Blockchain enthusiast with four years of experience in the field. His draw to MIX is creating a censorship resistant publishing platform as an alternative to the centralized systems that are currently in place today.

Outside of Blockchain development he has eight years of experience as a backend software developer.


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